Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Tough Mudder Now I know that I have use this blog for mostly kid things but I am taking on a new challenge and I thought I should write some things down that I have been doing. Tough mudder is a 10-12 mile race that has 25 obstacles to do. It is a challenge not a race so it is all about completing rather than a race. This is one of the first things that appealed to me. I am not a runner so marathons and such did not interest me. I wanted to challenge myself somehow and get into shape so I found the mudder and thought it was perfect. I have been doing kick boxing since August of 2011 and asked a couple girls from class to join me. They were excited and keen. Soon we were asking friends and family to join us and our team has grown to 17 people. We are now at the 2 month mark and I am panicking a little but it is good. We are starting a new training program and I am hoping that over the next 2 months I can whip my body in shape. I am really going to try my best to get in the workouts without disrupting the family too much. This will mean early mornings and getting in what I can when I can. I hope to do a little something each day and hope that it is enough to get. There are times that I think "what am I getting into" and "Am I really doing this?" And the answers scares me. But I will be so happy and proud when I finish and have that orange headband on! Good luck to my team mates and myself. TOUGH MUDDER!!!