Saturday, April 02, 2011

Friday, April 01, 2011


Well I once again am beginning this post with: It has been too long since I last posted. Anyway I am posting now so that will have to be good enough. Where to start?

Katie has been growing so fast and it is hard to believe that she is 11 months old already. She got her first teeth Nov 11 and the top teeth came in around the middle of March. She is about 20 lbs now and doing so well. She began crawling Dec 18, the first day of Glen's Christmas holidays, it was so nice that he was home to see it happen. With him at work he misses out on some of the firsts. Katie is such a happy baby and I could not ask for better. She is playing with Isaac a lot and trying to figure out just what he is up to all the time. It is so fun to watch them play, and it will only get better as Katie gets bigger. Just like her brother she has lots to say and many facial expressions. She nods her head yes, and when she is into something she shouldn't be (like dog food) I tell her "Katie No!" then she proceeds to shake her head at me. I can't help but laugh. March 31 is a date to keep in mind as this is the day she really tried walking. She is getting more and more brave taking a few steps from the couch to the ottoman or short distances, no more than 3-4 steps but it is a start and I imagine it won't be long til she is chasing Isaac down the hall.

Isaac is doing really well and keeps us on our toes with the many questions and statements he comes up with. He sometimes says things that baffle us, for example, the other day he was talking to grandma on the phone and he was telling her about a new video game and he used the word "impressive." Glen and I looked at each other and just laughed cause it is so funny to hear such big words from our little man. Not only using them, but using them in the right context. Isaac has started daycare two days a week. At first he was not keen on going but now he has made a few good friends and he looks forward to seeing them each time. He has learned quite a bit there. He can spell his name and is working on writing it. We still need to work on his alphabet, he can finish it from Q -Z now it is just the beginning.

I start back to work this Monday (BOO HOO) for two days a week. I have made a deal with my boss that I will work Mon and Wed for one year and we will revisit it next April and see if I can continue or if I need to go back to full time. I really am hoping it works out. I don't really want to work while the kids are home but in order to keep my licence I need 200 hours of practice time. This will give me my hours and time at home. The time at work will be nice, a break from the kids and a chance to talk to some adults he he. Glen is staying home one day with the kids and my mom is watching them the other day. Isaac is at daycare Mon and Thurs but will hopefully be changing to Wed so that Katie will be home on the days I work and then i will have time with both kids when I am off.

Glen will be working 4 ten hour shifts in order to watch Katie on Wednesdays. It will make for some longer days but it saves on daycare costs and is good for both Glen and the kids.

That is a little bit about what has been happening in our lives these days. We will see how long til the next post.