Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Halloween and beyond

Here is our little monkey on Halloween. We went to the mall with Isaac's friends Hayden and Hudson, for some treats. It was very busy while we were there but it was so fun to see all the kids dressed up. Isaac now has 7 teeth I have stopped with the dates only because the teeth creep in with out me it is hard to tell when they actually arrived.
On November 10 we are officially saying that Isaac is walking. He had been walking for about a month before but only a few steps here and there. On the 10th he was walking down the hall and all over. We still think it is so funny to look around the corner and there Isaac is walking, weird to see when we are so used to him crawling everywhere.
We have put up a fence in our backyard so now Pico can go out without a leash and Isaac will have a place to play and call his own. My mom and dad were so great and basically built it for us.
I am now back to work and it is not as bad as I was imagining. It is kind of nice to talk to adults again but I still miss my little guy. My mom is looking after him for us during the day and it is working out really well. We visit both grandparents alot and Isaac has no trouble being left with any of them. It is so wonderful to have them so close, not only for babysitting but for fun!

The Big One!!!!

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I am behind in my posts so I will begin with Isaac's birthday. We had his birthday on October the 4th and had some close friends and family here to celebrate. I made a wonderful cake and decorated it myself (I am still very proud) It was a great day. Glen and I had fun watching as Isaac opened his gifts. He was upset when we would take one away that he had opened, and had to hide it while he opened another. I am sure that he will get used to opening gifts as time goes on. Isaac was not walking on his own yet but he was getting around by pushing the laundry basket, or anything that would slide, around the house.