Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Isaac Starts Crawling

Isaac starts crawling
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May 20, 2008 - We have decided this was the official date Isaac started crawling. My auntie Carol was right, she said on the May long weekend, that Isaac was going to be crawling by the end of the week. Well he was actually crawling two days later but hey close enough. Now that he is on the move, baby proofing has ensued. We have got a baby gate and are getting close to installing it. Luckily Isaac is not venturing too far yet. But when he sees something he wants he gets there and fast.

We have all unfortunately been sick this last week. It was tough on Glen as he has been very busy at work and feels that there was too much to do at work to take a day off. So his weekend was spent sleeping, but much needed as he much better now, so are Isaac and I. We have also been dealing with everything with our break in. It is coming along fine and the insurance company has been great.

Now we spend our time chasing and playing with Isaac and watching him grow (too fast for my liking).

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