Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Almost 7 Months

Just a little update on Isaac as we don't have much new with us. i have started to make a scrapbook. I did one page so far and it was pretty fun. It will be slow going though cause i have to do it while Isaac is sleeping.

Isaac can now sit on his own quite well and play, with a few falls here and there. He can also push himself up into the crawling position, not much longer before he is on the move. I am not looking forward to trying to baby proof our house. Too many wires and things to get into. Perhaps i should start now so that when he is actually moving I will be prepared.

Isaac just started swimming lessons. His first one was ok, it interrupted his nap so that did not make for a happy baby but I am sure it will get better. I figure it is a good idea to get him used to playing in the water cause he is going to be at the beach alot this summer. And he is meeting some new friends, which is great too.

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