Monday, March 10, 2008

Rolly Polly

March 4, 2008 was the first day that Isaac rolled over from his back over to his front. I missed the first time he did it, as I had put him down on his back on his playmat and went to the washroom, I come back into the living room and there he is on his belly. I thought of course! He did it again later that day for me to see. I tried to get it on video that day but I think he knows about the camera and doesn't do his tricks when I am holding it. This changes everything now, no more leaving him on the couch to grab something, or in the bath or on the bed. I can't put him down on the floor for a minute and he is over. It is so fun watching him learn so many new things.

I had to include this picture as there is a little story behind it. I was about to go out for a walk and thought "it is sunny, wonder if I have a hat that will fit him." I found this one and thought I need to take picture. So I snapped off a few, Glen looked at them and found flaws in all of them. So now we refer too him as "The Photo Snob." I think that this is quite a cute one. What do you think?

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