Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Big Boy

March 24, 2008 Our little boy is growing up so fast. Last night he had his first taste of rice cereal. He seemed to really enjoy it, flashing us a smile after each bite. He has been really watching us eat and grabs at our drinks, we took this as a sign that he was ready to try more than just milk.

We had a great Easter spending it in Calgary with family. Isaac did really well on his first road trip. He slept most of the way making it easy for us to get there. Isaac met a bunch of new family members and got along with them very well. By the end of the trip he was getting a little fussy, I am thinking because his schedule was all out of wack but once we got home everything went back to normal. Thanks again to everyone for the wonderful food and place to stay.

March 25, 2008 Isaac had his first massage today. He did really well and then mommy had a massage. It felt wonderful.

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