Friday, February 01, 2008

Tummy Time

Tummy Time
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On January 25, 2008 Isaac rolled from his front to his back during some tummy time. Twice!! He has done it only a couple time since then but it means he is getting older and stronger. Isaac is very vocal always talking and yelling, I think he will be a chatterbox like his mom. He also is getting better control of his hands and arms. He tries to grab anything in front of him and it eventually end up in his mouth. Isaac has become quite a slobberpus constantly drooling (teeth maybe?).

We enjoy our time at home and try to get out walking (as long as it is warm out). We are enjoying all the changes that we see in Isaac, many have come within the last couple of weeks. With so many smiles I am sure that he will laugh any time now.

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