Thursday, January 03, 2008

Isaac's 1st Christmas

Oooh, Camera!
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Christmas was great. I again was spoiled and I tried my best to spoil Glen. Isaac was not too spoiled as this year it was not all that exciting for him. I can't wait til next year he will be spoiled beyond belief. We stayed in Kelowna and had a delicious dinner and played games as we usually do. We woke up and went shopping on boxing day. The parking lot was crazy but not that busy inside, I guess people are waiting to do the bowing "week" shopping.

My good friend Breanne was here for the week so we had her over for a visit and went to her parents place for dinner. It was so good to see the Towson family. I hope to see them more in the new year.

New years was nothing too exciting. We ended up staying at home, cause Isaac was not well. We watched a movie and Glen was sleeping by 12:20. Very exciting i know!! I guess this is the beginning of what it will be like to have kids during the holidays. We are coping with Isaac being sick. Just a cold but he is all stuffy and unhappy. We will do fine but so hard to see him suffer. Oh well again all new with this parenting thing.

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