Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Halloween and beyond

Here is our little monkey on Halloween. We went to the mall with Isaac's friends Hayden and Hudson, for some treats. It was very busy while we were there but it was so fun to see all the kids dressed up. Isaac now has 7 teeth I have stopped with the dates only because the teeth creep in with out me it is hard to tell when they actually arrived.
On November 10 we are officially saying that Isaac is walking. He had been walking for about a month before but only a few steps here and there. On the 10th he was walking down the hall and all over. We still think it is so funny to look around the corner and there Isaac is walking, weird to see when we are so used to him crawling everywhere.
We have put up a fence in our backyard so now Pico can go out without a leash and Isaac will have a place to play and call his own. My mom and dad were so great and basically built it for us.
I am now back to work and it is not as bad as I was imagining. It is kind of nice to talk to adults again but I still miss my little guy. My mom is looking after him for us during the day and it is working out really well. We visit both grandparents alot and Isaac has no trouble being left with any of them. It is so wonderful to have them so close, not only for babysitting but for fun!

The Big One!!!!

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I am behind in my posts so I will begin with Isaac's birthday. We had his birthday on October the 4th and had some close friends and family here to celebrate. I made a wonderful cake and decorated it myself (I am still very proud) It was a great day. Glen and I had fun watching as Isaac opened his gifts. He was upset when we would take one away that he had opened, and had to hide it while he opened another. I am sure that he will get used to opening gifts as time goes on. Isaac was not walking on his own yet but he was getting around by pushing the laundry basket, or anything that would slide, around the house.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Little Biter!!!

July 17, 2008 - Isaac cut his second tooth.
August 5, 2008 - Isaac cut his third tooth.
August 23, 2008 - Isaac cut his fourth tooth.

This summer has come with alot of changes, good ones, and family visits. As noted above Isaac now has four teeth. He is enjoying eating all kinds of new foods. So far he has no real dislikes which is so wonderful. I hope that it stays that way.

Glen had three weeks off with us and we had a wonderful time. We went to visit Grandma and Grandpa Ferrell for the first week. We then stayed around here for the remainder of the time. It was so great to spend time as a family. We also had alot of visitors. I think we saw almost everyone on my side of the family this summer. So great to see some people we haven't seen for some time.

Now I am counting down the days til I go back to work. This is not a happy count down, I really am going to miss our little boy and I have quite enjoyed becoming a bit of a susey homemaker. But if plans go well I am hoping to have an announcement next spring and then possibly I will stay home with the kids. My mom is so wonderful and will be looking after Isaac while we are working. It is such a relief to have her watch him for us.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Summer Fun!!

Under a bright blue sky
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June 21, 2008 - This is the day that Isaac cut his first tooth. Isaac is in the process of cutting his second tooth. As soon as we can see the teeth I will post a new picture.
We have been having lots of fun in the sun! We have been out on the boat, at the beach and at the peanut pool. The picture here is when we were out at a friends cabin on Okanagan Lake. Just a typical day here in the sunny Okanagan.
I feel now that the swimming lessons have paid off. I wasn't sure at first but now Isaac is having a great time in the water. He will splash and play in the water. The lifejacket is another story though. He is not a fan of that. I can't blame the little guy though, the jacket comes right up under his chin. I am sure it will get better as he grows into it.
I am not looking forward to heading back to work in 3 months, so i am taking full advantage of my summer off with the little man.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Isaac Starts Crawling

Isaac starts crawling
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May 20, 2008 - We have decided this was the official date Isaac started crawling. My auntie Carol was right, she said on the May long weekend, that Isaac was going to be crawling by the end of the week. Well he was actually crawling two days later but hey close enough. Now that he is on the move, baby proofing has ensued. We have got a baby gate and are getting close to installing it. Luckily Isaac is not venturing too far yet. But when he sees something he wants he gets there and fast.

We have all unfortunately been sick this last week. It was tough on Glen as he has been very busy at work and feels that there was too much to do at work to take a day off. So his weekend was spent sleeping, but much needed as he much better now, so are Isaac and I. We have also been dealing with everything with our break in. It is coming along fine and the insurance company has been great.

Now we spend our time chasing and playing with Isaac and watching him grow (too fast for my liking).

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Almost 7 Months

Just a little update on Isaac as we don't have much new with us. i have started to make a scrapbook. I did one page so far and it was pretty fun. It will be slow going though cause i have to do it while Isaac is sleeping.

Isaac can now sit on his own quite well and play, with a few falls here and there. He can also push himself up into the crawling position, not much longer before he is on the move. I am not looking forward to trying to baby proof our house. Too many wires and things to get into. Perhaps i should start now so that when he is actually moving I will be prepared.

Isaac just started swimming lessons. His first one was ok, it interrupted his nap so that did not make for a happy baby but I am sure it will get better. I figure it is a good idea to get him used to playing in the water cause he is going to be at the beach alot this summer. And he is meeting some new friends, which is great too.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Giggling Boy!!

Isaac giggling at Pico
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April 6, 2008 was the first time we heard Isaac's laugh. It was so wonderful to hear. Any babies laugh melts your heart, but hearing your own childs' laugh is very special. (This video was the first time he laughed.)

Isaac can now sit on his own for a little while, as long as he is occupied by toys. He is constantly building his abs never wanting to lie flat on his back. It will not be long before he is on the move. Yikes!! Time to start baby proofing and getting all the wires and such out of the way. Isaac just had his 6 month check up at the doctor and he said "he is a healthy boy no concerns or worries Isaac is doing great!" That is what we like to hear.

We introduced carrots into Isaac's diet and he really liked them. Then we tried peas and well those are not so good. I think that squash will be next. It is so fun giving him new foods. My mom gave Isaac a pickle to suck on and he did not even make a face. Looks like he will love them just like his mom.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Big Boy

March 24, 2008 Our little boy is growing up so fast. Last night he had his first taste of rice cereal. He seemed to really enjoy it, flashing us a smile after each bite. He has been really watching us eat and grabs at our drinks, we took this as a sign that he was ready to try more than just milk.

We had a great Easter spending it in Calgary with family. Isaac did really well on his first road trip. He slept most of the way making it easy for us to get there. Isaac met a bunch of new family members and got along with them very well. By the end of the trip he was getting a little fussy, I am thinking because his schedule was all out of wack but once we got home everything went back to normal. Thanks again to everyone for the wonderful food and place to stay.

March 25, 2008 Isaac had his first massage today. He did really well and then mommy had a massage. It felt wonderful.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Musician in Training

...and check out the pictures here ->

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Geek in Training

Isaac sends his first email

Monday, March 10, 2008

Rolly Polly

March 4, 2008 was the first day that Isaac rolled over from his back over to his front. I missed the first time he did it, as I had put him down on his back on his playmat and went to the washroom, I come back into the living room and there he is on his belly. I thought of course! He did it again later that day for me to see. I tried to get it on video that day but I think he knows about the camera and doesn't do his tricks when I am holding it. This changes everything now, no more leaving him on the couch to grab something, or in the bath or on the bed. I can't put him down on the floor for a minute and he is over. It is so fun watching him learn so many new things.

I had to include this picture as there is a little story behind it. I was about to go out for a walk and thought "it is sunny, wonder if I have a hat that will fit him." I found this one and thought I need to take picture. So I snapped off a few, Glen looked at them and found flaws in all of them. So now we refer too him as "The Photo Snob." I think that this is quite a cute one. What do you think?

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Almost 5 Months

There have been alot of changes in the last little while. Isaac has discovered his feet, they are constantly up in the air. Isaac will be rolling over in no time. He rolls on to his side but scares himself when he gets too far over. We also got a jolly jumper from his cousin Reegan, Isaac is not too sure what it is about but is figuring it out slowly. In no time he will be a crazy little bouncer, like Tigger.
We have been getting out and walking during the day, Isaac loves the scenery and is always watching everything go by (when he is not sleeping that is). Isaac has got to be the smiliest baby I have seen. Not a minute goes by without him smiling, it melts your heart every time.
Isaac attended his second birthday party on Sunday. It was his cousin Reegan's first birthday. Isaac was charming the ladies and talking up a storm. Looks like he is going to be a social butterfly, just like his mom.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Isaac in the ExcerSaucer

Isaac was lucky enough to get an ExcerSaucer from his cousin Reegan. Here is a video of Isaac in it.

Friday, February 01, 2008

Tummy Time

Tummy Time
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On January 25, 2008 Isaac rolled from his front to his back during some tummy time. Twice!! He has done it only a couple time since then but it means he is getting older and stronger. Isaac is very vocal always talking and yelling, I think he will be a chatterbox like his mom. He also is getting better control of his hands and arms. He tries to grab anything in front of him and it eventually end up in his mouth. Isaac has become quite a slobberpus constantly drooling (teeth maybe?).

We enjoy our time at home and try to get out walking (as long as it is warm out). We are enjoying all the changes that we see in Isaac, many have come within the last couple of weeks. With so many smiles I am sure that he will laugh any time now.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

3 Months Old!!!

Wow!!! I can not believe how time has flown by. Our little man is now 3 months old. He has been doing great and growing more and more. He about 25 inches long and 13lbs give or take. He has been smiling more and more and making me laugh everyday. It looks as though his eyes are changing, I still can't tell what color, either green or hazel (very close colours anyway).

This last weekend we had our first family sickness. Isaac was sick on Saturday and then me on Sunday and Glen on Sunday night. I tell you it is hard to be sick and take care of everyone. I hope that I don't get sick like that again, colds I can handle but the throw-up achey sick is too hard.

I have taken some new videos (which will be posted soon) of Isaac playing on his paymat, in the bath and doing his little tongue trick. He has discovered his tongue and he either sucks on it or is sticking it out. It is way too much fun watching him grow and learn new things. I am going to miss it when he is grown but I will enjoy it immensely while it is here.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Isaac's 1st Christmas

Oooh, Camera!
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Christmas was great. I again was spoiled and I tried my best to spoil Glen. Isaac was not too spoiled as this year it was not all that exciting for him. I can't wait til next year he will be spoiled beyond belief. We stayed in Kelowna and had a delicious dinner and played games as we usually do. We woke up and went shopping on boxing day. The parking lot was crazy but not that busy inside, I guess people are waiting to do the bowing "week" shopping.

My good friend Breanne was here for the week so we had her over for a visit and went to her parents place for dinner. It was so good to see the Towson family. I hope to see them more in the new year.

New years was nothing too exciting. We ended up staying at home, cause Isaac was not well. We watched a movie and Glen was sleeping by 12:20. Very exciting i know!! I guess this is the beginning of what it will be like to have kids during the holidays. We are coping with Isaac being sick. Just a cold but he is all stuffy and unhappy. We will do fine but so hard to see him suffer. Oh well again all new with this parenting thing.