Monday, November 26, 2007

Isaac @ 6 weeks

Isaac preparing to attack
Originally uploaded by Office Glen
It has been a long time since I last wrote so I hope that I can fill everyone in on what has happen in that time. Isaac and I got home after a 5 day stay at the hospital. Once we got home everything was so much more relaxed. Isaac must have known it was his home as he was calm and slept great. He has been growing so quickly as he is now over 10lbs and is developing so many expressions. He is now recognizing our voices and will turn his head to look at us. His best time of the day is at about 7am when he has just fed. He will lay on our bed and chat up a storm and kick his feet and smile for you. We are loving all the little changes that come as he gets older. Time really does fly, seems like I just barely had him and here he is 7 weeks old already.

Pico our little dog has adjusted really well to his new baby. At times he misses being played with but I try as much as I can to include him. He has been so good with Isaac, he will smell him and be very curious, but has never done anything to hurt Isaac (intentionally anyway). Pico will get a little excited when we throw a toy for him and will forget that Isaac is nearby so we have to watch him then but other than that we are so please how he has adjusted.

We are taking videos of Isaac every Tuesday, as he was born on a Tuesday, which can be seen on YouTube (see link upper right). Photo album can be seen on flickr also in upper right.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Hello, my name is Isaac

Isaac on day number 2
Isaac on day number 2, originally uploaded by Office Glen.

Long time no post, but I just wanted to add something new.

On October 9th the Mrs and I had a brand new baby boy. His name is Isaac.