Wednesday, April 25, 2007

No Time

Hello Everyone
I am sorry that I have not written anything for some time. I have been busy and everytime I am on the computer I don't have the pictures I want to put on. Anyway i thought I should just write a note and let you know what is going on and then I will post some pictures later.

So the newest and most exciting new (which I am sure everyone know) is that we are expecting. We are due on October the 14th. We are excited, I am just waiting for some sort of sign that this is real. I have been feeling great, just a little picky with food. Some day I am sure that this little ponch of mine will become bigger but nothing has happened yet.

We have also become an aunite and uncle on February 25th to Reegan, Carl and Jodie's little bundle. Other than that we don't have too much to tell. So now you are all up to date with the Willms'. I will hopefully get some pictures on here for you to look at.

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