Sunday, January 28, 2007

Bobbing for Tennis Balls

Bobbing for Tennis Balls, originally uploaded by Office Glen.

This was the latest funny thing that our little dog Pico has learned to do. He will play with his tennis ball and then get thirsty, run to the toilet for a drink and drop the ball in as he drinks and then goes bobbing for the ball. It is so hilarious to see. He is quite the master at the toilet. Silly dog!!

Wii + New Years

Wii + New Years, originally uploaded by Office Glen.

I was reading my friend Vicki's blog and decided that I would like to blog the progress in our little family too. It is nice to see what is new with them and how things are going.

As my first entry this year I thought I would start with New Year's and make my way to today. New Years Eve we spent at Mark and Sandy's and Tracy and Paul were there too. We spent the night playing Wii and Scene It the DVD game. It was great fun. We ate drank and had a nice visit. The next morning we woke up and spent the day with Glen's mom and dad. The photo is not the most flattering as we are all playing the running game but as you can see I have dark hair now. I love it!!!