Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Happy Holidays (see the footprints?)

I have noticed that all of our blogs have been about Isaac. And they still will be but I thought I would start this one off with a little news about Glen and I......hmm not much to say ha ha. We are both doing well and getting ready for Christmas. We will spend Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with Rob and Faye at their home. I am sure that we will be shopping on Boxing Day as well. I hope to spend a couple days with my parents in Winfield and then home to relax after all the rush.

Isaac is now 10 weeks old and he is doing so well. He now weighs over 12lbs and is becoming a little meatball. He is smiling and cooing all the time. He has so many stories to tell us in the morning when he wakes up. This is my favorite time with him. He is so active always moving his arms and legs. His neck is getting stronger and stronger, he has been sitting in his Bumbo seat and likes it as he can see everything around him. Isaac is so observant, he is constantly looking around and loves lights. It sounds as though he is alot like his dad was at his age.

Isaac had his shots done last Tuesday, he was not too happy with me. He did really well and there was not too much crying afterwards (thank-you childrens' tylenol) We have our beautiful crib set up and it looks great. I am still not able to let go and have him sleep in it at night. He does use it during the day. I love having him close when I have to get up in the night but that will be over soon as Rob and Faye will be coming to get the basinette some time this week.

We would like to wish everyone a Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!!!

Monday, November 26, 2007

Isaac @ 6 weeks

Isaac preparing to attack
Originally uploaded by Office Glen
It has been a long time since I last wrote so I hope that I can fill everyone in on what has happen in that time. Isaac and I got home after a 5 day stay at the hospital. Once we got home everything was so much more relaxed. Isaac must have known it was his home as he was calm and slept great. He has been growing so quickly as he is now over 10lbs and is developing so many expressions. He is now recognizing our voices and will turn his head to look at us. His best time of the day is at about 7am when he has just fed. He will lay on our bed and chat up a storm and kick his feet and smile for you. We are loving all the little changes that come as he gets older. Time really does fly, seems like I just barely had him and here he is 7 weeks old already.

Pico our little dog has adjusted really well to his new baby. At times he misses being played with but I try as much as I can to include him. He has been so good with Isaac, he will smell him and be very curious, but has never done anything to hurt Isaac (intentionally anyway). Pico will get a little excited when we throw a toy for him and will forget that Isaac is nearby so we have to watch him then but other than that we are so please how he has adjusted.

We are taking videos of Isaac every Tuesday, as he was born on a Tuesday, which can be seen on YouTube (see link upper right). Photo album can be seen on flickr also in upper right.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Hello, my name is Isaac

Isaac on day number 2
Isaac on day number 2, originally uploaded by Office Glen.

Long time no post, but I just wanted to add something new.

On October 9th the Mrs and I had a brand new baby boy. His name is Isaac.

Monday, August 06, 2007

Amy @ 30 weeks

Amy @ 30 weeks, originally uploaded by Office Glen.

Here are some updated pictures of how the belly is growing, and a little update on how we spent our summer holidays
We spent all our time in Vernon, we thought it would be much nicer to stay around town and get some stuff done on the house. We first got Glen's computer room in order as the baby is taking over his old computer room. This involved painting the walls and replacing the flooring. Once we were done we loved the flooring so much that we thought the baby needed the same flooring in his/her room too. Once the floors were done we found out that family was going to need some place to stay while here for Carl and Jodi's wedding. We just had a hide-a-bed, we thought we should move our bed downstairs and buy a new bed for us this way whoever stays will have a comfortable place to sleep. Well this got us to thinking, why don't we paint our bedroom while everything will be easy to move around with the bed gone. So off to RONA we go and picked out some colors for our room. Done at last!!!!
Now we can relax and have our holidays. After being so busy the first week of our holidays I was a little stir crazy cause there really was not so much taking up our time. We went to the beach and had a couple lazy days around the house. We also went to Scotch Creek and played at the fun centre there. Two mini golf games and a ride on the bumper boats we headed back home. We had Allison and Chris over for a BBQ with their little one hayden. It was a great holiday!
Back to work on Monday the holiday. This is OK though cause I am off to Vegas again on Thursday for some training. I hope to snap off a bunch more pictures there and i will post them on facebook for all to see.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

24 Weeks

Here is another picture this is at 24 weeks and I can't believe the growth in just two weeks. I bet there is going to be alot more. Lots and lots of movement which is so much fun. Today my boss was shocked when i told him i was at 6 months already. I think now he thinks that i am faking it as you can barely see the little bump under my uniform. Ha ha.

We have painted the other room and Glen is laying the hard wood (he is doing a great job) so that he can move all his computer stuff in there and we can start to set up the nursery. We are attending a wedding this weekend which will be a great time. I will have some picture from that to post as we will be looking good. Ha ha.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Belly Photo

I am not overly sure on the exact date that this was taken but here is a belly photo so far (June 16th). I have been using facebook alot to put up photos and comments... I am sorry that I forgot to update this area. I have been feeling great and am anxiously waiting for my belly to grow more. We have just entered the 24th week, I can't believe how quickly this has gone by. I will try my best to keep this updated each time we take some new photos. Take care!!!

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Half Way

Image001-tweaked, originally uploaded by Office Glen.

Hello All
Here is our little bean. Now at 4 1/2 months we have hit the half way mark. It was very exciting to see that it looks alot like a baby now rather than just the little bean it was before. I have just started to feel the baby moving and this has definately reassured me that there is something in there. At the ultrasound they let us see the heart and kidneys and all the parts that make it whole. We chose to not find out what the sex was, although I hesitated a little bit, I was strong and just said No! Now we have to decide on the colors for the baby's room, this could be a challenge, but we will figure something out.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

No Time

Hello Everyone
I am sorry that I have not written anything for some time. I have been busy and everytime I am on the computer I don't have the pictures I want to put on. Anyway i thought I should just write a note and let you know what is going on and then I will post some pictures later.

So the newest and most exciting new (which I am sure everyone know) is that we are expecting. We are due on October the 14th. We are excited, I am just waiting for some sort of sign that this is real. I have been feeling great, just a little picky with food. Some day I am sure that this little ponch of mine will become bigger but nothing has happened yet.

We have also become an aunite and uncle on February 25th to Reegan, Carl and Jodie's little bundle. Other than that we don't have too much to tell. So now you are all up to date with the Willms'. I will hopefully get some pictures on here for you to look at.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Bobbing for Tennis Balls

Bobbing for Tennis Balls, originally uploaded by Office Glen.

This was the latest funny thing that our little dog Pico has learned to do. He will play with his tennis ball and then get thirsty, run to the toilet for a drink and drop the ball in as he drinks and then goes bobbing for the ball. It is so hilarious to see. He is quite the master at the toilet. Silly dog!!

Wii + New Years

Wii + New Years, originally uploaded by Office Glen.

I was reading my friend Vicki's blog and decided that I would like to blog the progress in our little family too. It is nice to see what is new with them and how things are going.

As my first entry this year I thought I would start with New Year's and make my way to today. New Years Eve we spent at Mark and Sandy's and Tracy and Paul were there too. We spent the night playing Wii and Scene It the DVD game. It was great fun. We ate drank and had a nice visit. The next morning we woke up and spent the day with Glen's mom and dad. The photo is not the most flattering as we are all playing the running game but as you can see I have dark hair now. I love it!!!