Thursday, August 04, 2005

Gas Prices

Gas price did the inevitable today... they crested over $1/liter here in Kelowna. Gas stations that aren't $1 compliant are using plastic ground level pricing boards.

We are off to Vancouver contribute to gas demand.

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Thorsten Eissner said...

One Dollar per Litre?
Compared with the prices over here in Germany, that's not much! We now pay at least EUR 1,44 per litre, that's about USD 1,80!!! Per Litre!!!
Unfortunately, there's not other way to work it out as you have to get to work, shopping etc.
The most annoying is that the oil companies are aware of nearly everything that's going on in this world and they use really everything to push up the prices for a barrel of oil. It's an exhausting situation, but if you are in need of your car and can not switch to public transportation, you will have to pay any prices they issue.

Just my two cents.

Brgds from Bremen/Germany