Monday, August 02, 2004

Seymour Arm

Our trip up here was a little squishy with four of us in a Ford Ranger, but we managed. We arrived at about 10:30pm and pretty much unpacked and went to bed.

The next morning was Helga and Jeff's turn for breakfast, they made scrambled eggs and hashbrowns. Yum. After breakfast we went to Albas to see the falls. It was beautiful and there were so many falls all along the river. I took lots of pictures. When we were done hiking we were ready for a swim. The lake was beautiful and it had a sandy beach, so we spent the rest of thr day there. That night Nikki prepared lasagna for dinner, it was delicious. We proceeded to get into the games, of course there were drinks involved. After a few rounds we decided it was time to go to the dance here in town. When we arrived there was terrible Ricki Martin music playing. Nikki was not feeling well so she went outside and started to run around the tables outside, so I followed her. We created quite a show for all the boys at the party. We then left but Nikki did not want to go in the car as she thought it would make her sick. Nikki, Vicki and I all walked back to the cabin. On the way Nikki did get sick anyway. Nikki's aunt Gloria followed in the van, I climbed in the van part way as I had run back to tell Gloria to just go ahead but she felt better staying to make sure we were ok. Nikki finally climbed in the van and we told her to count to 60 three times so we proceeded to count out loud. I guess at the cabin people were wondering what was going on cause all they heard was a speeding van and counting. Afterall the excitment we were ready for bed.

Sunday was our turn to make breakfast, we made breakfast fajitas, they were delicious. After breakfast we went up to Seymour falls. It was amazing. We decided that today was beach day, so Vicki and Ryan packed us a lunch and off to the beach we went. It was another perfect day so we worked on our tans. No one signed up for dinner so we went to the local restaurant for dinner. We got back to the cabin started a fire a just took it easy.

Monday morning Vicki & Ryan made pancakes and bacon. Delicious! The whole process was quite entertaining. Time to pack up and head home. What a wonderful weekend!

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