Monday, July 26, 2004

Camping @ Whatshan Lake

Nothing like a spirited drive through one of BC's great windy roads. Still haven't got the new car going super fast, but it does well enough to have some fun... The A/C is sure nice during this little heat wave.

Friday night was the typical setup the tent and inflate the bed for passing out in later on. Amy was on the ball and remembered pillows so sleeping was very comfortable. So comfy that we were able to sleep in 'till 9am which is pretty good for camping.

Saturday was a good day. We had a quick breakfast and headed out to do a Geocache in Edgewood which is quite close to Whatshan lake. The cache was located on a nice rocky beach with rock statues as far as you could see. Geocaching often involves finding that oddly placed rock, but every rock here had a purpose. Immediately after getting out of the car we could here a flute in the distance. Looking out across the bay we could see a well tanned naked man standing on a rock across the bay. Finding the cache wasn't too bad, and the container was really neat. It looked like a military grade decontamination kit.

Back at the camp site the 'grownups' were getting ready to put on the annual game of Uh-oh for the kids. To some it up, basically the adults spent 45 minutes trying to gross out and soak their kids.

Later in the day the adults played a game called 'Better Wed, than Dead', which is like a newly wed type game. The Mrs. & I came in second place beating out Vern & Karen who desperately wanted to win.

Sunday morning I got a chance to water ski, that was fun.... It has been a while since I've been able to get out on a ski, and I paying for it today with sore back muscles.

That about wraps it up for camping at Whatshan Lake.

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