Thursday, July 01, 2004

Camping Day 1 of 4

Happy Canada Day. Setup at the site went fine, and we spent the afternoon with Ryan's family a few sites over. Dinner time came soon enough so we went back to our site and started to make dinner. Amy said that she would require some hot water for dishes so I decided to try out my new Primus multi-fuel burner that my best man had given to us as a wedding present.

Uhm.... I'm thinking he was trying to kill us. See, I'm not really much into reading instructions so I just flew at it. I primed up the bottle with the correct number of pumps and started turning on the fuel. Lighter ready and lit waiting for the first hint of fuel. Nothing. It must need more fuel, so I turn up the dial ever so slightly and bang! A six foot flame torch just inches from my curious face.
So after that I started reading the intructions a little bit and played with it some more and still nothing is working right. Well, maybe I'll try again tomorrow.

Mr. “Flame Kissed” Potatohead

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Anonymous said...

That multi feul camp stove is one of the greatest gifts that one can recieve as a wedding present. Instructions are good things. Don't knock the stove.